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So I've taken to translating lesser-known pieces of Latin poetry, including the Old Latinists. It's good practice, and while some of them may not be the best poetry ever, they have some interesting images. Here's the first one.

ADVLESCENS tam etsi properas, hoc te saxulum
rogat ut se aspicias, deinde, quod scriptum est, legas.
hic sunt poetae Pacuui Marci sita
ossa. hoc uolebam, nescius ne esses. uale.

Although you, so young, hurry, this little rock
asks that you look, then, read, what is written —
“Here are the bones of the poet Marcus Pacuvius.”
This I wanted — that you not be unaware. Farewell.

— The Epitaph of M. Pacuvius (220-130 B.C.)

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