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Here's a song for today.

It's currently snowing outside. It's not particularly cold, but it's definitely wet. Lifeless winter, in Horace's words, is now upon us.

Eluvium (the more common moniker Cooper releases music under) has many songs that have a melancholic feeling to them, but they're sub-themes. They're under the surface of the music. With the songs on "Miniatures", however, especially 1 & 3, that melancholy is brought to the forefront. It's the whole reason for the song. There is a longing in this song, a lament for what has gone and can never return. The Portuguese word "saudade", describing a feeling of forlorn nostalgia, fits this song well.

What connects the two? For me, it's the memories that the falling drifts call up. I look back and I can feel myself 3 years ago, 2 years ago, and I just think "Damn. That's never coming back, isn't it?"

Thus, listening to songs like this.
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melancholy melancholy
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